Telehealth 101

Getting your practice up and running with therapyzen telehealth only requires a few simple steps. This document will guide you through the basics of the telehealth setup and workflow. Use the links provided within each step below for more detailed information.

Try our telehealth feature for free during your 14-day trial!

Telehealth is free to try during your 14-day trial period  (Limit: 300 minutes / 5 hours).  During your free trial, simply skip Step #1 below and get started by Creating Your Virtual Office Location.  After you have subscribed to therapyzen, follow the Purchase a Telehealth Subscription steps below to add it to your paid subscription.  

Getting Started

1. Purchasing a telehealth subscription

  • To add telehealth to your existing therapyzen subscription, navigate to Settings > Manage My Subscription
  • Locate the Telehealth Subscription Details widget.  Click the Purchase Telehealth button to view information about pricing and usage.  
  • When ready click the Add to My Subscription button.

Subscription Details

  • Telehealth starts at just $9.99/month for 2000 minutes of meeting time. Any overages will be charged at just $0.005 per minute.
  • You must have an active therapyzen subscription to purchase telehealth
  • Telehealth will be billed separately from your standard therapyzen subscription
Learn more about telehealth pricing and subscriptions

2. Create a virtual office location for telehealth

  • Once you have subscribed to therapyzen telehealth services, navigate to Settings > Scheduling to create a virtual office location for telehealth appointments
  • Locate the Office Locations widget.  Click the Add New button to create your virtual.  
  • Enter a Location Name and Time Zone for the new location and select 'Virtual Location' to hide the address information.
  • Click Save to finish.
  • Now use this location to schedule any telehealth virtual appointments.

Virtual Office Locations:

  • Only appointments assigned to a telehealth virtual location will have telehealth capabilities.  To convert a standard in-person appointment to a telehealth session, you must edit the appointment location.
  • You may create multiple virtual locations with different time zones if your practice provides telehealth in different regions.
  • Use telehealth virtual locations when setting your availability to allow clients to schedule telehealth sessions online using the free client portal.
Learn more about setting up virtual locations

3. Create a telehealth appointment

  • To create a telehealth appointment, navigate to your scheduling calendar and create a new appointment.
  • Locate the Office Locations field in the New Appointment Form and select your telehealth virtual location.  
  • Enter all remaining appointment details.
  • Click Save to create your telehealth appointment.

Telehealth Appointments:

  • Telehealth appointments can use any CPT code/service type, however you may want to create telehealth specific CPT codes.
  • Clients will receive appointment reminders for telehealth appointments which will include a link to join your video conference.
  • To convert a standard in-person appointment to a telehealth session, you must edit the appointment location to use your telehealth virtual location.
Learn more about setting up virtual locations
Learn more about creating telehealth CPT Codes

4. Start your telehealth video appointment

  • To start your telehealth appointment, navigate to your therapyzen Home page and locate your telehealth appointment in your Appointments widget.
  • Click the Checkin button next to your appointment to display the appointment status form. Click the Start Meeting button to launch the video conference page.
  • Use the video and audio controls to enable your media devices.
  • Once your client joins, click the Start Session Timer button to show the remaining time for your session.

Launching Telehealth Appointments:

  • Telehealth appointments can be started 5 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time.
  • Use the Copy Meeting Link button to copy the meeting URL to your clipboard if you need to share it with a client.
  • Group appointments will show a list of all attendees in the video chat page.
Learn more about launching a telehealth appointment

Telehealth 101 - Video

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