Telehealth for Groups

Telehealth sessions can accommodate group sessions with up to 7 participants.  Simply schedule group telehealth sessions as you would an individual session.

Billing note: How group session minutes are calculated

Based on number of participants Therapyzen counts meeting minutes based on the number of participants in a group session. Put simply, a minute is tracked for each participant during a meeting. Here are a couple of examples of how to estimate group meeting minutes used.

The following algorithm describes the calculation: 
  • [Duration of Video Conference] X [# of Participants]  X $0.005
2 Clients & 1 Clinician / 50 Minute Session 50 Minutes X 3 Participants X $0.005 = $0.75
4 Clients & 1 Clinician / 50 Minute Session 50 Minutes X 5 Participants X $0.005 = $1.25

*Group meetings will use more of your monthly minutes than standard one-on-one sessions.

Scheduling a group/couples telehealth appointment

  1. To create a group telehealth appointment, navigate to your scheduling calendar and create a new appointment.
  2. Select the client group or couple you are creating the appointment for. Locate the Office Locations field in the New Appointment Form and select your telehealth virtual location.  

  3. Enter all remaining appointment details. For super-bills or any third-party payers, you may want to select a CPT code modified for telehealth.
  4. Click Save to create your telehealth appointment.

Good to know:

  • Each group member will receive telehealth meeting links in their email appointment reminders
  • Each group member can also join the telehealth meeting by logging into their free client portal account
  • Group/couples telehealth meetings are launched the same way as individual client telehealth sessions

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