Creating a Telehealth Appointment

Create a telehealth appointment just as you would any other appointment in therapyzen.  The only requirement is that you select a Telehealth Virtual Location (Office Location) when creating the appointment.  

Create a telehealth appointment

  1. To create a telehealth appointment, navigate to your scheduling calendar and create a new appointment.
  2. Locate the Office Locations field in the New Appointment Form and select your telehealth virtual location.  
  3. Enter all remaining appointment details. For superbills or any third-party payers, you may want to select a CPT code modified for telehealth.
  4. Click Save to create your telehealth appointment.

Telehealth Appointments:

  • Telehealth appointments can use any CPT code/service type, however you may want to create telehealth specific CPT codes.
  • Clients will receive appointment reminders for telehealth appointments which will include a link to join your video conference.
  • To convert a standard in-person appointment to a telehealth session, you must edit the appointment location to use your telehealth virtual location.
  • Group/couples telehealth appointments work the same way as individual appointments.    
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