Purchasing a Telehealth Subscription

Purchase a Therapyzen telehealth subscription to add HIPAA compliant video conferencing tools to your account.  Follow the steps below to have telehealth services up and running in a matter of minutes.

Pricing & Usage

Before you begin, here are some important details about telehealth pricing, billing, features and usage:

Permissions Only a therapyzen user with the role of Owner/Admin can add telehealth services
Pricing Pay a flat rate of $9.99/month for the first 2000 minutes used each month.
Additional Minutes Every minute over your first 2000 will cost an additional $0.005.
Billing Telehealth will be billed separately using your card on file.
Cancellation Telehealth can be canceled at any time. Upon canceling, telehealth features will be disabled immediately and you will be billed for any time you have accumulated for the current billing cycle.
Meetings Conduct one-on-one meetings or group meetings with up to 7 participants (clients and clinician)
Access All clinicians within your practice will have access to telehealth services. Non-clinicians can not initiate telehealth meetings.
How to estimate the cost of a meeting Therapyzen tracks the minutes of each participant engaged in a video meeting.

The following algorithm describes the calculation:
  • [Duration of Video Conference] X [# of Participants]  X $0.005
Here are some examples of how to estimate the minutes and costs of a telehealth meeting:
1 Client & 1 Clinician / 50 Minute Session 50 Minutes X 2 Participants X $0.005 = $0.50
2 Clients & 1 Clinician / 50 Minute Session 50 Minutes X 3 Participants X $0.005 = $0.75
4 Clients & 1 Clinician / 50 Minute Session 50 Minutes X 5 Participants X $0.005 = $1.25

Purchase a telehealth subscription

  • To add telehealth to your existing therapyzen subscription, navigate to Settings > Manage My Subscription
  • Locate the Telehealth Subscription Details widget.  Click the Purchase Telehealth button to view information about pricing and usage.  
  • When ready click the Add to My Subscription button.

Once your telehealth subscription has been added your telehealth services will be available for use. At the end of each monthly billing cycle, you will be charged a flat rate of $9.99 for usage up to the first 2000 minutes + $0.005 per minute for anything over 2000 minutes.

Good to know:

Upon adding your telehealth subscription, we recommend heading over to Settings > Scheduling > Office Locations to create a telehealth virtual location. This step is required to start creating telehealth appointments. Learn more about creating a telehealth virtual location

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