Creating a Virtual Office Location for Telehealth

Virtual office locations are required for telehealth services to be provided in therapyzen.  All telehealth appointments will be required to use an office location that has been designated as a Virtual Location.  This setting will enable the telehealth features for the appointment.

Create a virtual office location for telehealth

  1. Once you have subscribed to therapyzen telehealth services, navigate to Settings > Scheduling to create a virtual office location for telehealth appointments
  2. Locate the Office Locations widget.  Click the Add New button to create your virtual.  
  3. Enter a Location Name and Time Zone for the new location and select 'Virtual Location' to hide the address information.
  4. Click Save to finish.
  5. Now use this location to schedule any telehealth virtual appointments.
  6. Good to know:

    • You may create multiple virtual locations with different time zones if your practice has offices in different regions
    • Use virtual locations to set your availability so clients may schedule telehealth service online using the free client portal

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