Creating Service Types for Telehealth

Create telehealth specific CPT codes if required for super-bills or third party payers.  There are two basic CPT modifiers for telehealth:

Payer Type Modifier
Standard Insurance Payer 95
Medicaid GT

Creating a service type (CPT Code) for telehealth

  1. Navigate to Settings > Service Types and click New Service Type
  2. Complete the service type details and include the telehealth modifier in the Service Code field.  You may also want to include telehealth in the clinical and portal friendly description.  If telehealth has become your primary service, click the Set as Default Service checkbox to apply this service to all new appointments automatically.  Click Save when ready.
  3. Once created, this service type may be applied to any new or existing appointments.

Good to know:

  • Telehealth service types are not required to create a telehealth meeting. The only requirement for a telehealth meeting is the appointment must be using a telehealth virtual location found in Settings > Scheduling > Office Locations
  • You may change an appointment service type to a telehealth specific one at any time
  • No two service types can use the same CPT code, they must be unique

Learn more about managing service types and CPT codes

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