Launching a Telehealth Meeting

Launching a telehealth meeting in therapyzen only take a few seconds.  Meetings can be launched from the Home page or directly from the client or group profile.  

Launching a meeting from the Home page

  1. Navigate to the Home page of therapyzen and locate the Appointments widget.  This widget shows your daily agenda.  *Telehealth appointments will be marked with a camera icon for visual reference.
  2. Click the Check-in button to the right of the telehealth appointment to get to the Appointment Status form.  
  3. On the Appointment Status form, locate and click the Start Meeting button to launch your telehealth session.
  4. Your telehealth session will open in a new browser tab and you will have the ability to start your audio and video.  When your client joins,  you will see them appear in your video window.

  5. To end your meeting, click the Exit Meeting button. Then close the browser tab to return to therapyzen and complete the Appointment Status form as you normally would to mark your appointment as "Kept".

Good to know:

  • In the video page, use the Copy Meeting Link button to copy your unique meeting URL to your clipboard. You may then send the link to a client having difficulty finding the meeting invite or appointment reminder associated to your meeting.
  • In the video page, use the Start Session Timer link to start a count down clock below your video. This timer will display the amount of minutes left in your scheduled appointment. (Minutes based on appointment duration)
  • Therapyzen will start tracking used minutes as soon as two participants have joined your meeting
  • For group meetings, we recommend clicking the Enlarge Video toggle to accommodate multiple meeting participants

Tech Tip:

It is recommended that participants using Apple devices use the Safari browser for telehealth meetings. For troubleshooting or additional help, contact our support team.

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