Telehealth Authorization Intake Form

Supplement your digital intake documents with a telehealth consent and authorization form.  Therapyzen provides a template that you may use as a starting point and make any edits you deem necessary.  If you are not familiar with how to build your own digital intake in therapyzen, first take a couple of minutes to learn how to build your own digital intake.

Adding a telehealth consent & authorization form to your digital intake

  1. Navigate to Settings > Client Portal and locate the Client Intake Wizard widget
  2. Click the Add Custom Intake Form button
  3. In the form building tool, locate the Online Therapy Consent template and click to insert the template
  4. Make any edits you would like to personalize the form or change the title
  5. Click Done to save your changes and exit
  6. When you are ready to publish the form and include it in your digital intake, simply click the toggle to the "On" position

Good to know:

  • Once enabled, this form is only available for new clients completing the intake. It is not retroactive for those who have already completed their intake.
  • This template is provided as a starting point, we recommend that you personalize it to ensure it pertains to your practice specifically

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