Sending a Telehealth Meeting Link

Therapyzen will send your clients appointment reminders with telehealth meeting links so they may join you online at their scheduled appointment time.  If your client has trouble locating their reminder or has reminders disabled, you can send them their invite link manually.  

Sending a telehealth meeting link manually

  1. Once you have launched your telehealth meeting, your client should join you momentarily. However if they have misplaced their invite link, you can send it manually from the telehealth video page. Locate and click the Copy Meeting Link button on the telehealth video page.

  2. The link has now been copied to your clipboard.  You may now paste and send this link to your client using email, online chat, or messaging tool you have at your disposal. If your client uses the free client portal, you can send the link directly to your client using the therapyzen secure messaging feature. Note: Clients with portal access can also launch the telehealth session directly from the portal home page found under the "Appointments Today" widget.

Good to know:

You can share this link with fellow staff members that may want to be included in a telehealth session.

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