Invoicing Groups

Easily invoice groups in therapyzen. The steps to create and pay invoices are similar to individual records, however, with groups, you have some more choices. You can select who in the group will be responsible for paying an invoice.  Here are the 3 different methods to invoice a group:

  1. Create a single invoice for one member of the group.
  2. Create invoices for each group member where each group member owes the full fee amount.
  3. Create invoices for each group member where the fee is split equally amongst all group members.

1. Getting started

Navigate to the ledger tab of a group record.

2. Create a new invoice

Click the ledger action button to select the Create Invoice link.

3. Enter invoice details

Enter the basic invoice information such as the service date, service type, and service rate.  

4. Decide which group member(s) get invoiced

  1. Single Invoice - One Payer: Choose this option if you just want to generate a single invoice and assign it to a specific group member.
  2. Multiple Invoices - Full Amount to Each: Choose this option if everyone in the group will be invoiced individually for the full amount of the service.

  3. Multiple Invoices - Equal Distribution to Each: Choose this option if all the group members will be sharing the cost of service equally. This will generate an invoice for each individual in the group for an equal portion of the fee.

5. Pay Group Invoices

Once your group invoices have been saved and created, they can be paid right from the group ledger. All invoices for the group will be located in the Open Invoices grid of the group ledger. Use the Pay button to record payment for each invoice using the associated payment methods of each client.

Important Detail!

One client can not pay another client's invoices. You must attribute an invoice to the correct member of a group so it may be paid successfully.

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