Set Your Client Portal Options

Use the portal options to configure the workflow for your clients using the portal.  Follow these steps to setup your portal to suit your needs.

1. Navigate to the client portal area of settings

2. Locate the client portal options widget

3. Configure your client portal options

View the available portal options and configure your portal accordingly.

  1. Require new clients complete TherapyZen's intake forms when they log in to the portal the first time.
    TherapyZen will automatically present your digital intake forms to all new clients that enter the portal for the first time.  This ensures that you are capturing as much information about your clients from the very beginning.  You may decide that you don't want to require that clients complete the intake upon creating their portal account.  If so, turn this feature off by clicking the toggle button provided.  Your clients can go back later and complete the intake at a time that's more convenient for them.

  2. Require all clients have a credit card on file to schedule appointments online. (Exception: Initial appointments requests set by new clients.)
    To avoid costly no-shows, you can require that all clients are presented with a credit card information form that they must complete before they can schedule an appointment in the portal.  This form is required and will not let them schedule without entering a valid credit card that will be stored on their client record for future billing.  

  3. Allow online scheduling for new clients
    New visitors to your website and portal may attempt to book their initial consulation using the 'Book My First Appointment' button found on the portal login page.  If you would like to disable this option and have prospective clients contact you by phone or email first, use this setting to disable and hide this button.  

  4. Automatically accept appointment requests for new clients.
    New visitors to your website and portal may decide to schedule an initial consulation with you.  Using your availability calendar in the portal, they will select an appointment time to reserve their consulation with you. You can set TherapyZen to automatically accept these requests or you can choose to use an approval process.  The approval process will let you approve or deny the request before it gets placed on your calendar as an official appointment.

  5. Allow online scheduling for existing clients
    Your existing clients have a 'Schedule an Appointment' button in the portal that they can use to view your availability and schedule appointments online.  If you would like to disable this feature permanently or temporarily for the holidays, just change this setting to the 'No' position and the button will be hidden from your existing clients.

  6. Automatically accept appointment requests for existing clients
    Your existing clients with active portal accounts will also be able to schedule appointments on your calendar.  They will use your availability calendar to find and select an appointment day and time.  You can automatically accept these appointments and have them placed on your calendar or enable the approval process.  The approval process will let you approve or deny the request.

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