Creating Portal Friendly Service Type Descriptions

Your clients can select appointment times in the portal based on your availability. Provide them with more client-friendly service type descriptions to choose from that are less clinical.

1. Getting started

Click Settings in the main navigation menu.

2. Service types

Locate and click the Service Types tab found in system settings.

3. Portal friendly descriptions

The list of service available service types will have a column that displays the clinical description of each service type along with your customized client-friendly description.

portal friendly service type descriptions

4. Create or edit service types

Click the New Service Type button to create a new service type, or click Edit next to an existing service type to enter a client-friendly description.

5. Enter your description

The service type edit form will provide two separate fields for descriptions. Use the Portal Friendly Description box to enter your custom description. This description will be seen by clients in the portal wishing to schedule a new appointment.

6. Compare clinical and client-friendly descriptions

Upon clicking Save, the new description will appear in blue just beneath the clinical description used on invoices and other reports.

7. What Your client sees

Your clients will now see the portal-friendly description when searching for available times to schedule an appointment.

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