New Client Signup and Scheduling Their First Appointment (Client View)

Prospective clients visiting your website can request an initial appointment and signup for the portal in a matter of minutes. With additional options provided by TherapyZen you can control the experience of signing up to make it as simple as possible for clients getting started.

1. Getting started

The client portal login page is where returning clients will login and new clients can schedule their initial appointment with you or another clinician in your practice.

2. New client welcome message and introduction

After clicking the Book My First Appointment button, the new client will be directed to the Select a Clinician page. They will first see a welcome message and a short description of your practice. This description is entered in the Settings area of TherapyZen.

The Getting Started section is hard-coded by TherapyZen to provide your new client with some instructional guidance through the sign up process.

3. Clinician biography and appointment scheduling online

Each clinician in your practice will be displayed on this page as well. TherapyZen will display the clinician photo, description, license type, and a button to Schedule an Appointment. (The button will only be displayed if the client has setup availability for the portal. If not, a message will be displayed to contact the clinician by phone or email to schedule an appointment.)

Once the client is ready to schedule an appointment, they will click the Schedule an Appointment button to be directed to the Appointment Request Page where they can view the clinician's appointment availability.

4. Service types and appointment requests

The Appointment Request Page will repeat the clinician's description and also provide a drop-down menu of available services. The client will be required to select a service to view all available appointment slots.

5. Time slot selection based on clinician availability

Upon selecting a service type, the client will be shown all the available time slots that have been setup by the clinician. Slots are rendered by day of the week and will display the time and location of each available time. Once the client is ready, they will double-click a time slot to make their selection.

6. Appointment details review and confirmation

Double-clicking a time slot will show the client all the details of the appointment request. They will also be provided with a map of the office location associated with the appointment request. Finally, they will be made aware of your cancellation policy which uses the 24 or 48 hour grace period you selected in Settings

If the client wishes to choose a different time slot, they will click Cancel to close this window and make a new selection. If they are satisfied with their selection, they will click Confirm to complete their appointment request.

7. Required client portal registration

To finalize the appointment request, your client will be required to complete the portal registration form. This will provide the clinician will basic details about the new client and ensure a valid email address. After completing the form, the client will receive a confirmation email that will include an Account Activation Button. By activating their account, TherapyZen will create their portal account and notify you of the new client record and their appointment request.

You can elect to automatically accept appointment requests from new clients or require that they be approved. Learn more about Client Portal Setup for more information.

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