Creating Custom Client Intake Forms

Creating your own custom forms for the new client intake is a breeze with TherapyZen's Custom Form Builder. Create your very own data entry forms to gather data and collect digital signatures. Start from scratch or use one of our industry-approved templates to help you get started.

1. Getting started

Click Settings from the TherapyZen's main navigation menu to go to the client portal settings.

2. Client portal settings

Locate the Client Portal tab in Settings.

3. Add a custom intake form

Locate the Client Intake Wizard widget and click the Add Custom Form button to launch the Form Builder to create your own custom intake form.

There are 5 system forms always present in this widget; Client Basic Information, Client Contact Information, Family Information, Medical Information, Client Intake Documents. Custom forms created by you will be added to this list.

4. Use the form builder to create a custom form

Once the Form Builder launches, use the Form Builder elements from the right panel to place different form elements onto the workspace.

Available Form Builder Elements
  • Text Field: Use this for collecting simple text such as a first or last name.
  • Text Area: Use a text area for collecting sentences or paragraphs of information.
  • Select: Also known as a 'dropdown list', use this element to provide a list of items to choose from.
  • Checkbox Group: Use checkboxes to provide a list of options to choose from where more than one selection is allowed.
  • Radio Group: Use radio groups to provide a list of options to choose from where only one selection is allowed.
  • Date Field: Use this to collect a formatted date.
  • Number: Use this element to collect a numeric value.
  • Header: Add header text to help structure sections of your form.
  • Paragraph: Add paragraphs of text to your forms that require more context.
  • Digital Signature: Collect a well formatted digital signature from clients.

5. Edit your form elements

Once you drag a form element on to the page, use the Edit button to configure the form element. Editing can include actions such as entering label text, configuring the type of element, or marking a field as required. As you begin adding more form elements to the page, use 'drag-and-drop' to arrange form elements in the order you would like them displayed.

(Editing Form Element Attributes)

6. Use a form template provided by TherapyZen

TherapyZen provides a small library of industry-approved templates that you may insert as your custom form. This will provide you with a head start on customizing and completing your own custom intake forms. Feel free to edit and save changes to these forms to be used in your client intake.

Click Done once you have completed your custom form and want to add it to your intake.

7. Preview a custom intake form

Click the preview icon to see what your custom form will look like to your clients.

8. Setting intake form order

Upon completing your custom intake form, you'll be returned back to the Client Intake Wizard widget. Your custom forms will be displayed in yellow with Edit and Delete buttons. Drag-and-drop your custom forms in the order you would like them to appear in your client intake.

9. Custom intake form visibility

Custom forms will always default to being turned OFF until you manually turn them on. This prevents your clients from seeing incomplete custom forms in the intake. You should always confirm that you are done editing custom forms before you turn them to the ON position.

Custom form versioning

You might add, remove or revise your custom intake forms over time. It is important to know that clients who complete their intake forms will keep the version that was available to them at the time it was filled out. Once you edit, add or remove  a custom form, those forms are used moving forward, they are not retro active.

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