Scheduling Appointments in the Client Portal (Client View)

Your clients can quickly and easily request an appointment based on your availability and office locations. Explore the simplicity of the portal scheduler.

For clients to schedule appointments in the portal, you must first set up your availability as a clinician in TherapyZen.

1. Getting started

Once logged in to the client portal, your client will click the Schedule an Appointment button located in their portal profile sidebar.

2. The appointment request page

The Appointment Request Page will display available clinicians, available services, available days and times as well as which locations (if applicable) those time slots are associated with.

3. Finding a time slot

Your client will first follow the steps provided to select the desired counselor and then select the desired service to display all the available times slots for those selections.

4. Making a selection based on clinician availability

Once the time slots have all rendered based on the desired week of the appointment, the client will simply double-click a time slot to make their requests.

5. Reviewing their request details

Upon clicking a time slot, the New Appointment Request form will display showing all the details of the appointment as well as a handy map to help determine how far the client may need to travel. Once satisfied, they will click Submit Request to notify the clinician.

6. Pending approval by the clinician

Once the request is submitted, the client will be redirected back to their portal profile and will see their request displayed in the Pending Appointment Requests widget.

7. Appointment approved and scheduled

Once the clinician has confirmed the request, the client will receive an email as well as a system notification that their request has been approved. If a request is denied, the client is provided a reason for denial and simply asked to select a different day or time. The appointment request will be removed from the Pending Appointment Requests widget and moved to the Upcoming Appointments widget upon approval.

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