Configure the Client Intake Wizard

TherapyZen provides you with a simple client intake wizard that will capture client information and populate their profile.  Use the Client Intake Wizard widget to enable or disable certain sections of the intake we provide.  

1. Navigate to the client portal area of settings

2. The Client Intake Wizard 

There are 5 sections to our intake that include the following:

  1. Client Basic Information
    This page collects very basic information from your clients such as their full name, birthdate, gender, demographics, employment information and referral name.
  2. Contact Information
    This page of the intake wizard collects their phone number(s), email address(es), mailing address(es), and emergency contact.  The client can also elect to allow emails, sms messages, phone calls and mailings from your practice. 
  3. Family Information
    This page collects any family information that they may want to provide you.  It includes items such as their current relational status, partner information, immediate family members, and family member demographics.
  4. Medical Information
    This page will collect any medical history that your client elects to share.  This form will collect information such as their primary physician's details, medical treatments, medications,  and past or present physiological symptoms. 
  5. Client Intake Documents
    This page will present any digital documents you have attached to the intake.  Your clients are given the opportunity to download, view and print them.

3. Enable or Disable Intake Forms

You may want to streamline your intake into a very short list of forms.  Turn off certain intake forms by clicking the little toggle button to the right. The only forms you cannot turn off are the Client Basic Information & Client Contact Information forms.  These are the bare minimum that a client must fill out.

4. Customize the intake with your own custom forms

Add your own custom forms into our intake by using our custom intake forms creator.  Once you've created your custom forms, you can insert them into the intake and decide the order in which you would like them presented.

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