Staff Roles and Permissions

Managing your team in TherapyZen includes assigning roles to each of them that provide certain permissions for each team member. These permissions will provide or restrict access to certain areas of Therapyzen and provide a more streamlined user experience for each role and a data security measure for your clients.

Important Note:

Roles can be changed for clinicians from their Staff Profile, however a new license must be purchased to change a Non-Clinician to a Clinician.

The Permissions area in Settings provides details on each available role and the corresponding permissions and limitations of each role

1. Getting started

Click Settings in the main navigation menu to get to the Permissions area.

2. View all staff member roles and permissions

Find the Permissions tab to see an itemized list of all available roles and permissions for each role.

3. Set global permissions for certain roles

You can set special permissions for some roles in Therapyzen.  For instance, you can allow clinicians to process client payments or view financial reports.  You can also give special permissions to specific staff members that will override global permissions set here.

4. Assigning a role when adding new staff members

Role assignment happens when a new staff member's record is created.

5. Modifying a role for existing staff members

Roles can be changed for Clinicians/Admins, Clinicians and Clinician/Interns by the Owner of the Therapyzen account.  Additional custom permissions can be granted for each role that will override any Global Permissions assigned to each role.

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