Set Staff Records to Inactive

Deactivating a staff record will deny access to TherapyZen for that user until the record has been activated once again.  Use this option if a staff member has left your practice or is on temporary leave.

Licensing Note:

Setting a clinician's record as active or inactive will affect the numbers of active licenses available according to your TherapyZen subscription plan. Always be aware of how many licenses you have available when editing clinician activation states.

1. Getting started > select a staff member

Navigate to the Staff area of TherapyZen and find the staff member you'd like to deactivate. Click Details to view their record.

2. Staff active/inactive status toggle

Click the toggle switch to set the staffer's status as Inactive.

3. View active and inactive staffers

Your list of staff members can be filtered to show all active or inactive staff. Click the Active Status Filter when viewing your staff list to filter your results accordingly.

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