Modifying Staff Roles and Permissions

Managing your team in therapyzen includes changing roles for specific team members as well as granting them custom permissions.  Follow the steps below to change a staff member's role.  You may also provide your staff member with custom permissions that will allow them to view certain areas and perform certain functions not allowed by default.

Important Note:

Permissions granted to specific staff members will override Global Permissions set for their specific role.  Learn more about setting global permissions by role.  The permissions area in Settings provides details on each available role and the corresponding permissions and limitations of each role

1. Getting started

Click Staff to go to your practice staff list.

2. Select a staff member to view their role and permissions

Find the Permissions tab on the staff member's profile to view their current role and permissions. From here you can assign custom permissions or change their role.

3. Assign custom permissions to the staff member

Check the corresponding boxes next to the custom permissions you would like to grant to your staff member and click Save.  Those new permissions will go into effect the next time your staff member logs in.  

4. Changing a staff member's role

Role assignment happens when a new staff member's record is created, however roles may be changed afterward.  From the staff profile, use the available dropdown menu to select the desired role for your staff member and click Save.  The staff member's new role will take effect when they login to Therapyzen.

A couple of notes about changing a clinician's role:

  • Changing a staff member's role will set their permissions to the defaults for that new role.  Additional custom permissions can then be assigned from the staff member's profile.
  • Changing a staff member's role will not affect billing.
  • You can not change a non-clinician to a clinician without first purchasing a new license if you have no more licenses available.
  • Each staff member role has it's own set of custom permissions that can be granted or removed.

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