Adding a Staff Member

Take advantage of TherapyZen's powerful group practice management tools by adding your team members to your account with only a couple clicks.  

Adding staff members can affect your monthly subscription. Additional clinicians may be added to your account for $29/month. Non-clinicians are free of charge.

1. Getting started

Click Staff in the main navigation menu to go to the staff area of TherapyZen.

2. Create your staff member record

Find and click the New Staff Member button to display the new staff member form.

3. Complete the new staff form

The New Staff Form will generate an automated email invite for your staff member so fill this form out completely. Make sure you assign a role to this staff member before saving as well. Browse through the different staff roles to see the description and permissions of each role displayed on the right side of the form. Once you have completed the form, click Save Staff Member

4. The staff email invite

Upon saving, your staff member will receive an email inviting them to register for TherapyZen. Once they complete their registration, they will have access to TherapyZen using the permissions provided by the role you assigned when creating their record. Both you and your staff member will be able to visit their staff profile. Encourage your staff to fill out all their profile information after signing up.

5. Verify staff registration

Your staff member's profile contains a widget that will let you know if your staff member has completed their TherapyZen registration.

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