Edit Staff Details

Editing a staff member's profile details can be done by an administrator or the staff member.

1. Getting started

Navigate to the Staff area of TherapyZen.

2. Select a staff member to navigate to their profile.  

Click the Details button to go there.

3. The staff profile

Locate the My Profile tab.  From this tab you can edit the following:

  • Primary Location: The clinician's default office location.
  • Profile Picture: The staff member's profile image that appears throughout TherapyZen
  • Staff Bio: The clinicians' biography that appears in the client portal for clients to see when selecting a clinician for appointment scheduling.
  • Appointment Sync: Sync the clinician's TherapyZen appointments with their Google, Apple, or Outlook calendar.
  • Change Password: Update the clinician's TherapyZen password.

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