Managing Your Service Types / CPT Codes

TherapyZen provides an industry approved list of 60 CPT codes and services. You can set a particular service as your default for all new appointments that will include the CPT Code, Service Type Descripton, Service Rate, and Service Duration. You may also edit your service types or even create your own.

1. Getting started

Click Settings in the main navigation menu to get to the Service Types area.

2. View all available service types

Locate and click the Service Types tab in the settings area. When the Service Types tab loads, you will have access to all 60 CPT Codes/Services provided by TherapyZen. To edit any specific service type, just click the edit button next to a service type.

3. Create a new service type

To create you own, just click the New Service Type button at the top right of the Service Types area.

4. Complete your new service type details

Fill out your new service type details and be sure to check the Default checkbox to set your new service type as the default for all new appointments. You can also set service types as Inactive by clicking the Inactive checkbox if you want to remove them from the list.

4a.  Portal Friendly Description
Your service types may use a clinical description for internal or insurance purposes, however you may want to add a user-friendly description of this service for your clients viewing them in the portal when requesting a service.

5. Verifying your default service type

Once you have set a default service type, you will see the service type applied in the New Appointment Form when scheduling appointments from the calendar. You may edit or choose a different service type while creating new appointments if needed.

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