Paying an Invoice in the Client Portal (Client View)

TherapyZen's powerful client portal will provide your clients with the ability to pay outstanding invoices online. For convenience, they can enter their credit card information once and any future payments will use the card on file.

Important Note: For credit card storage and processing in the portal, you must have Stripe enabled for accepting credit card payments.

The Client Portal

1. Getting started

Before your client can make payments using the portal, they must first enter their credit card information in the Billing Information widget found in the sidebar. You must have Stripe payment processing enabled to allow the client to enter their card information.

2. Open invoices

The Open Invoices grid of the client portal will inform the client what fees are outstanding. They can click the View button to display and print the formatted invoice.

3. Initialize a payment

Once they are ready to pay, the client will click the Make Payment button found at the top of their ledger. This will take them to the payment screen.

4. Payment details

The payment details screen will list all open invoices and let the client enter the payment amount to be processed against their card on file. If they enter an amount less than the open invoice, the invoice will remain open until the remaining balance is resolved.

If the client enters more than the open invoice amount, the remainder will be stored as credit on the client's account. Credit can be applied toward future invoices. Once the payment details form is complete, the client will click Submit Payment to pay their invoice.

5. Payment verification

Once an invoice is paid in full, it moves from the Open Invoices grid to the Paid Invoices grid on the portal ledger. Clients can sort this grid to show invoices by date, invoice number, or by counselor.

6. View and print invoices

A paid invoice can be viewed and printed at any time by clicking the View button in the invoice record.

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