Store a Client's Credit Card

Store a client's credit card easily in TherapyZen.

Important Detail!

To store and process client credit cards, you must complete the Stripe integration found in Settings. Therapy uses Stripe exclusively for all credit card transactions. If you do not have the Stripe integration configured, you can not follow the steps outlined here.

1. Getting started

Navigate to a client's record and locate the Billing widget found in the profile panel.  Click the Add Card link to display the credit card form.

2. Enter the client's credit card details: 

Click Save Credit Card once complete.

3. Delete a client's credit card information

To delete a client's credit card, click the small ' X' icon next to the card details.

4. How to pay an invoice with the client's credit card

When paying an invoice, the client's stored credit card will appear in the Payment Method dropdown menu of the invoice payment screen.

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