Batch and Auto-Invoicing for Groups

Therapyzen provides a number of ways to bill a group. Learn more about the basics of creating invoices for groups here. Because you have choices for invoicing groups, you must let therapyzen know how you would like invoices created for specific groups during the batch-invoicing or auto-invoicing processes. 

There are 3 ways to invoice a group:  

  1. Create a single invoice for one member of the group.
  2. Create invoices for each group member where each group member owes the full fee amount.
  3. Create invoices for each group member where the fee is split equally amongst all group members.

Set Group Invoicing Preferences

For each group record, you can set default invoicing preferences using one of the 3 methods explained above. Setting the default will let therapyzen know how you would like the group's invoices created during the batch-invoicing or auto-invoicing process.

1. Getting Started

Navigate to the group record you would like to set invoice preferences for. You can use the client search box found in the header of therapyzen or click on Groups in the main navigation.

2. Locate the 'Group Invoice Preferences' Widget.

Click the 'invoice preferences' link to set defaults.

3.  Set your default invoice preferences for the group.

Use the invoice creation options to designate how invoices should be created for this group.

4. Verify your group invoicing settings.

Once saved, your invoicing preferences for the group will be displayed in the Group Invoice Preferences widget. These settings will remain in effect until you modify them again.

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