Auto Pay Invoices Using Stripe

Let Therapyzen automatically process your client invoices overnight.  Simply enable this feature and any invoices created will be processed between 12am - 2am daily, weekly or monthly.  You can enable or disable this feature on a client level for additional control over your automatic payments.  Clients using your free client portal can also opt in or out of Auto Pay on thier own.

Requirement for this feature:
To use Auto Pay, you must first enable Stripe integration for processing credit card payments. Learn more about setting up Stripe to accept credit cards in Therapyzen.

How do I enable Auto Pay?

Once you have Stripe enabled for credit card processing, navigate to Settings > Billing and locate the Auto Pay Invoices widget.  Set the toggle switch to the On position and Auto Pay will be enabled.  To disable Auto Pay, click the toggle switch to the Off position.

Next, set the frequency for processing payments using Auto Pay.

Set your Auto Pay to process invoice payments on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Auto Pay Frequency Schedules
  • Daily: 12am - 2am
  • Weekly: Sunday 12am - 2am
  • Monthly: The 1st day of the month 12am - 2am

Enable or disable Auto Pay at the client level.

To enable or disable Auto Pay at the client level, navigate to a client record and locate the Billing widget.  This widget is used to manage client credit cards.  Once a credit card has been added, you can use the provided checkbox to Enable Auto Pay.  To disable Auto Pay, simply uncheck the box.

Clients using the free client portal may opt in or out of Auto Pay.

For those clients taking advantage of your free client portal, they too have the ability to enable or disable Auto Pay.  The portal provides the same Billing widget for storing credit cards and opting in or out of Auto Pay.

How will I know that Auto Pay processed payments for me?

Therapyzen will send you an email summary pictured like the one below after every scheduled Auto Pay job. This summary will inform you of how many invoices were processed and the total amount of payments processed. To view the actual paid invoices, you'll navigate to the Billing area of Therapyzen.

Auto Paid invoices will always be labeled in Therapyzen

Any invoices that were Auto Paid will be labeled as such in any list of paid invoices for quick reference.

Invoices will also be stamped with notes about Auto Pay in the invoice notes section. This information does not print on the invoice and is only visible in the invoice preview.

What happens if a payment fails during an Auto Pay scheduled job?

If a credit card payment fails during an Auto Pay job, Therapyzen will include details about the failures in your summary email.  Invoices not paid due to problems with a credit card will be flagged with a Payment Failed label.

Each client record contains a history of all the most recent (100 records) successful and failed Stripe credit card payments.  Failed payments will also include reasons for the payment failure according to Stripe.  Therapyzen will try 3 more times to process the card, but if unsuccessful, you will want to contact your client to resolve the issue and reconcile your invoice manually.  

Auto Pay FAQ's

Does Auto Pay work for group invoices?

Yes, since group invoices must be assigned to a payee, they will work the same as invoices for individuals. Therapyzen cannot Auto Create invoices for groups however since a payee must be designated before a group invoice can be created.

Can I still pay invoices manually with Auto Pay enabled?

Absolutely. you can still create and pay invoices manually for 'on the spot' billing.

Will Auto Pay generate Super Bills for me too?

Yes, however you must be careful with Super Bills. Therapyzen requires that a session note with the appropriate DX codes be linked to the appointment being billed. Once that invoice for the linked session has been billed, the Super Bill gets generated automatically. This means that you must make sure you complete the session note, DX codes and appointment linking before the Auto Pay process begins for that invoice. Otherwise you'll end up with a SuperBill with missing DX codes and appointment details.

How do I issue a refund for an invoice processed by Auto Pay?

As with any invoice reconciled using a credit card, you'll just need to login to your Stripe account and initiate a refund from there.

For clients with multiple credit cards, which one gets charged?

Therapyzen will try to use the first credit card it finds on a client's record.  Currently, there is not a way to designate which card to use therefore, if you need to process payment using a specific card, we recommend paying it manually or disabling the Auto Pay feature for this client.

If any automatic payment fails, when will Therapyzen try to process payment again?

Therapyzen will attempt to process the payment up to 3 times, on the 3rd, 5th & 7th day after the initial failure.  You may elect to pay the invoice manually using another card on file or contact your client to resolve issues with the failed card.  Therapyzen will provide details on the nature of the payment failure.

Will Therapyzen apply account credit during the Auto Pay procedure?

No.  Credits must be applied to an invoice manually.  The Auto Pay feature will pay the full invoice amount. 

Will the Auto Pay feature email paid invoices to my clients?

Not at this time. You have the ability to email paid invoices individually and your clients will instantly have access to paid invoices using the free client portal.

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