Allow Camera Access to Safari - iPhone/ iPad/ Mac

Safari browser privacy settings require that you allow permission for therapyzen and other sites to access your camera. You may need to manually allow therapyzen, especially if you accidentally denied permission.

Give permission to access your web-enabled camera

You may need to go into account settings on your device and manually grant permission for therapyzen to access your camera.

From your IOS phone or tablet home screen, find and select the Settings icon.

Find the Safari icon in your list of IOS applications and click to get to your Safari browser settings.

In your Safari settings, locate the Settings for Websites section and find the Camera option.  Click to access your camera options.

In your Camera settings, set the option to either 'Ask' or 'Allow'.  

Ask: This option will prompt you to agree to let your camera and microphone be used by a website requesting access.

Allow: This option will automatically grant microphone and camera access to any website requesting access.

If you are still having issues trying to connect to a therapyzen telehealth session, try clearing your Safari browser history.

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