Setup Payment Processing with Stripe

Process credit card payments right inside TherapyZen by using our free integration with Stripe. Stripe is an industry leading payment processor that makes taking credit card payment a breeze in TherapyZen and you can have it setup in just a few minutes.

1. Getting started

Click Settings in the main navigation menu to get to the Integrations area of TherapyZen.

2. Get integrated

Locate and click the Integrations tab to get to the Stripe integration widget. From the stripe widget, click the Setup button to create and sync your Stripe account to TherapyZen.

3. Create a Stripe account or connect to an existing one

If you already have a Stripe account, click the Connect to an Existing Account button and you'll provide a few of your account details to get connected. If you need to create a new account, click Create a New Stripe Account to fill out a new account form that only takes a couple minutes.

4. Creating a new Stripe account

Fill out the form provided by Stripe to complete your integration for payment processing.

(To create a new account you will need some of your business banking information for setting up automatic funds transfer and account verification.)

5. Complete your stripe integration

Once you have completed the new account form, your integration will be complete and you'll be returned back to the TherapyZen Stripe Integration page. A green success message will be displayed to confirm that your integration is complete and ready to be used for taking payments.

6. Saving client credit cards on their profile

Now that you have Stripe payment processing enabled, you'll have the ability to enter and store client credit cards with their record using the Billing Widget found on each client record. Return here to update cards that expire or to enter a new card.

7. Using client credit cards for invoice payment

When applying payment to an invoice, use the Payment Method field on the payment screen to select Stripe Credit Card on File to use the stored client card to process payment.

8. Additional considerations to process HSA/FSA cards

HSA and FSA cards require that your business have a special classification (called an MCC) set so that the card companies know that your products and services are directly related to a patient’s medical needs.

In order for your clients to be able to accept HSA/FSA cards, you would need to include two things when creating/updating your Stripe account. Regardless of wether or not you've already created a Stripe account or are opening a new one. They following requirements need to be met:

  • * You must have a working website.
  • * A detailed description of the service (using pertinent key phrases like "Mental Health Practices") should be specified when asking Stripe to grant you MCC status.

You will need to reach out to Stripe and request the MCC (SaaS 5734) be added to the account. This is the quickest and easiest way to get classified as an MCC so your practice can begin accepting FSA/HSA cards.

It's also extremely important to note that although accounts can be enabled to accept FSA/HSA payments, your clients can still be declined due to various reasons. FSA/HSA cards are heavily regulated and are required to abide by various guidelines that can make processing them difficult. If you experience any errors in using FSA/HSA cards for you clients, your client(s) would need to enlist the assistance of the bank/administrator they use to find out why.

If you would like to read further on FSA/HSA and Stripe, review the following document for details:

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