Creating a Superbill

Easily create superbills for your clients to get insurance reimbursement.  TherapyZen creates superbills that you can email or print for your clients.  Clients can also download and print their superbills using the client portal.

There is a sequence of steps involved with creating a superbill.

Step 1. Your client must first have a kept appointment that you billed for.

You must first create an appointment for your client and mark the appointment with a status of 'Kept'.  This lets TherapyZen know that the service took place and that you have fee amount to be billed to your client.  Appointment statuses are set on the Dashboard or on a client's profile.

Step 2. You need to create a therapy note for the session you will be creating a superbill for. 

You'll want to create session notes for every client session anyway, but especially for a superbill.  While creating your new session note, there are two things you'll need to do to ensure your superbill gets created correctly.

  1. Enter the diagnostic codes that you need to appear on the superbill.  
    In your session note, use the diagnostic codes selector to include any and all diagnostic codes that you need to appear on your client's superbill for this session.

  2. Link the associated appointment to the session note and diagnostic codes.  Use the Link Appointment selector to 'link' the kept appointment to the session note you are creating.  This ties together the appointment, diagnostic codes and session note for the superbill you are going to create.

  3. Digitally sign your note.  Once your session note is complete, digitally sign it to move on to the final steps of creating a superbill.

Step 3. Create an invoice for the service and accept payment.

Create an invoice for the kept appointment that you are ready to bill the client for.  Once you accept payment for the invoice, the paid invoice becomes a superbill for your client.

Step 4. Printing or downloading the superbill (by yourself or the client).

Once the client pays the invoice for the service, a paid invoice and superbill are both generated on the client's ledger.  You can download/print the superbill for them, or your client can login to the portal and download/print it on their own.

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