Create an Invoice

Client invoicing in TherapyZen all takes place on the ledger section of a client record. Invoices can be created manually or with the help of using the Appointment Checkin process available on the TherapyZen Dashboard.

Here's a short list of things you can do in the client ledger; Create an Invoice, Process Payments, Issue Credits, Create Write-Offs, Print Invoices, Create Superbills.

The Client Ledger

1. Getting started

Navigate the the client record that you would like to create an invoice for.

2. The client ledger

Locate and click the Ledger tab on the client record.

3. To create an invoice

Click the Create Invoice link in the ledger action menu to create a new invoice.

4. To edit an invoice

Fill out the invoice form completely to ensure a comprehensive and detailed invoice. Use the Add Additional Item button to include additional fees or charges on the invoice.

Click Save Invoice to store the invoice in the Open Invoices grid of the client ledger, or click Save & Accept Payment to save the invoice and go directly to the accept payment page.

Important Note: An appointment that is marked as kept, late cancel, or no-show will automatically create a billable service that will appear on this invoice detail form. Appointments statuses are set on the TherapyZen Dashboard.

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