Set Your Practice Details

To get the most out of TherapyZen, it's best to make sure all of your practice information is setup and ready to go.  This will save you valuable time and ensure that your practice details appear on invoices, appointment reminders and system messages.

Getting started

Configure your practice details by navigating to the Settings area of TherapyZen.

Your practice details tab

The practice details tab always displays first by default in Settings.

Set your practice name

Enter your practice name here as you would like it to appear throughout Therapyzen.  

Set your regional settings

Set the timezone of your primary location. If you have multiple locations, set the timezone of your Main office.  You'll be able to set the timezone of additional locations when you set up those satellite offices.  Also use this widget to set your culture.  The culture setting is what makes TherapyZen international.  Use this to set the correct currency, date format, address format, phone format and language for your country or region.

Set your license information

Enter your practice Tax ID, License #, Provider NPI and Facility NPI if applicable.

Set your practice sender address

This is the address that your clients will see as the 'sender' of all emails generated by Therapyzen

Set your practice phone and fax numbers

Enter the phone and fax of your main office address. 

Set your main office address

Enter the address of your main office

Set your billing address

Enter your billing address here.  Click 'same as mailing address' to populate this form with your mailing address details.

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