Apply a Payment to an Invoice

Whether you are accepting cash, check or charging a credit card, accepting payment and applying it to an invoice is very simple. You may process credit card payments if you enable Stripe integration provided by Therapyzen.

1. Getting started

From the client record, locate and click the Ledger tab to view all invoices and billing details.

2. Accept payment

Locate the invoice(s) you would like to pay and click the ' Accept Payment' option from the ledger action button or the 'Pay Invoice' option from the invoice action button.

Good to know:
  • To pay multiple invoices at once, use the Accept Payment option from the Ledger action button
  • To pay individual invoices, use the Pay Invoice option from the Invoice action button

(Accept Payment option)

(Pay Invoice Option)

3. Enter the payment details

Verify that the payment date is correct and begin to enter the payment information. Select the payment method and enter the payment amount. If you have Stripe credit card processing enabled, you can use the credit card stored on the client's record to make the payment.

Click Save Payment to complete your transaction.

4. Verify and review transaction results

You'll be returned to the main screen of the ledger after taking payment. Verify that the invoice has now moved from the Open Invoices grid to the Paid Invoices grid.  Also verify that your ledger totals now reflect the correct values.

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