Apply an Account Credit to an Invoice

Applying an account credit to an invoice is simple with Therapyzen. Account credits (prepayments) can be applied to an invoice just like any other type of payment.  Follow the steps below to apply account credit to an open invoice.  Learn more about how to create an account credit.

1. Getting started

Locate and click the Ledger tab of the client record that has an open invoice you would like to reconcile.  This client will also need to have an existing account credit stored on their ledger.  

2. Checking a client's ledger for existing account credit

Available credit will always be displayed at the top of the client ledger.

3. Make an invoice payment using account credit.

Once you have verified that an account credit exists, proceed to make an invoice payment as you normally would against an open invoice.  You may use the invoice level 'Pay Invoice' option or the ledger level 'Accept Payment' option.

(Invoice level payment option)

(Ledger level payment option)

4. Select 'Account Credit' as payment method.

Select Account Credit from the payment method dropdown list.  This will automatically populate the payment amount field with account credit to be applied to the open invoice.  The amount of account credit applied will be calculated in the following ways:

  • If there is more account credit stored on the client's ledger than the invoice amount, Therapyzen will only apply enough account credit to match the open invoice amount.
  • If there is less account credit stored on the client's ledger than the invoice amount, Therapyzen will use all account credit available to put towards the open invoice.  The invoice will remain open after credit has been applied so it may be reconciled using other payment methods or future account credit.
  • You may also edit the amount of account credit being applied, however you cannot enter an amount that exceeds the total account credit stored on the client's ledger.

Click Save Payment to complete the transaction.

5. Verify and review your completed transaction using account credit.

Once the account credit has been applied, you will notice the following:

  • The invoice has been marked as paid and moved into the Paid Invoices section of the client ledger
  • The Account Credit total at the top of the ledger has been adjusted to show the new amount of account credit available.

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