Issue a Write Off

Create full or partial write-offs for invoices that will not be paid in full for any reason. If you are confident that an outstanding invoice will not be reconciled or if you decide to discount an invoice, issue a write-off for the appropriate amount.

1. Getting started

Locate and click the Ledger tab of the client record you want create the write-off for.

2. Create a write-off

Verify that the client has an Open Invoice to apply a writeoff to and click the Write-Off link from the ledger action menu.

3. Write-off details

Enter the details of the write-off such as; date, amount, and write-off reason. Click Save Write-Off to finish.

4. Verify write-off totals

Upon saving the write-off, you will be redirected back to the client's ledger where you'll be able to verify the recalculated write-off totals for this client.

5. View write-off history

The Write-Offs grid will store and display all write-offs for this client by date.

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