Your Appointment Schedule

Tracking your client attendance is crucial to recognizing trends and helping automate your invoicing. TherapyZen lets you set a status for each of your appointments as the scheduled time arrives. The available status settings for an appointment are the following; kept, no-show, cancel, late-cancel.

1. Checking in a client - Setting the appointment status

All of your daily appointments will be listed in the 'Appointments' widget of the dashboard. As your client arrives, cancels, or no-shows, simply click the 'Check-in' button provided next to each appointment. This will display the Appointment Status form.  Use the drop-down menu to select an appropriate status for your appointments. You may also include any notes that you might feel are necessary as you assign a status. The notes will appear with the appointment on the dashboard. Once the form is complete, click 'Save'

2. Confirm the status

After being saved, appointment status will appear next to each appointment.

Note: How Appointment Status Affect Invoicing

Setting an appointment status will trigger TherapyZen to create a service to be billed on the client's ledger. The service rate set for the appointment will be staged to be invoiced for the following statuses; kept, no-show, late-cancel. Those statuses all qualify as a billable service rendered.

A canceled appointment is deleted permanently and no charge is billed to the client. A canceled appointment status should be used when the client has correctly followed to your appointment cancellation guidelines.

3. Checkins can also be done right on the client record.

You can also set an appointment status directly from the client record.  Use the Appointment Status widget located in the client sidebar to click the Check In button.

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