Creating an Appointment

Everything begins with scheduling appointments in TherapyZen. Create appointments quickly and easily using the appointment calendar area whether you are a solo clinician or a scheduler for a group practice.

1. Getting started

Click Calendar in the main navigation menu to go to the appointment scheduling calendar.

2. The appointment scheduling calendar

The calendar is a standard weekly calendar with days across the top and times going down the left side. There are a number of different views available (timeline, day, week, work week, month, agenda) to choose from.  You can set your favorite view using the Set Default View button at the top of the calendar.  

3. Create an appointment

To create an appointment, simply double-click on an available slot to open the  New Appointment form.  The New Appointment form contains all the appointment details. The date, time, duration, client, service type, rate, appointment notes, and options to make the appointment repeat.  These details can all be edited at the time of appointment creation or after the appointment has been saved.

4. Recurring appointments

If you would like to set the appointment to repeat on a regularly scheduled basis, choose the weekly option from the 'Repeat' dropdown menu. This will display additional options to set the frequency as well as when the recurring appointments should end. Click Save once the form has been completed and the new appointment will be created and displayed on the appointment calendar.

5. Edit an appointment

Simply double-click an appointment on the calendar to edit.  If the appointment is a recurring one, you will be asked whether you would like to edit the entire series or just the single occurrence you double-clicked.  After making your selection, completed your edits to the appointment and save your changes.

6. Delete an appointment

Click the Delete Icon (x) displayed at the top right corner of an appointment when hovered over to remove it from the calendar.  If the appointment is a recurring one, you will be asked whether you would like to delete the entire series or just the single occurrence you double-clicked.

7. Filtering the calendar (group practice calendar)

To view the calendars of other clinicians in your practice, simply click their name in the  Staff Calendars filter found in the main sidebar of TherapyZen.  This features is only available to those with administrative priveleges.

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