View Detailed Client Ledger

Each client record contains a detailed ledger that provides all financial transactions for better research. View the detailed ledger when you need to see a client's complete history of transactions and ledger adjustments.

1. Getting started

Locate and click the Ledger tab of the client record to get to the detailed ledger view.

2. Click the Manage Credits & View Detailed Ledger option

In the ledger action menu, find and click the Manage Credits & View Detailed Ledger option to view the client's transaction and adjustment history.

3. View the Detailed Ledger

The detailed ledger provides a historical view of all transactions and adjustments for the selected client. Use this view to track down reasons for unexplained credits, balances, overages, refunds, credits, and adjustments.

Click the Back to Main Ledger button to exit and return to the client record's main ledger page.

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