Reopen a Paid Invoice

A paid or 'closed' invoice can be reopened to allow for corrections or to apply a new payment to the original invoice. Reopening an invoice is usually performed to change the payment method entered or to adjust the original payment amount.

1. Getting started

Locate and click the Ledger tab of the client record that contains the paid invoice you would like to reopen.

2. Navigate to the Paid Invoices section of the client ledger

Use the invoice drop-down menu to select the Reopen Invoice option.

3. Click OK to confirm

Reopening an invoice will remove the payment information and move the invoice back to the client ledger's Open Invoices section.


Invoices paid using a client credit card with Stripe cannot be reopened. Please visit this related article on issuing refunds to a client's credit card if you need to issue a refund: How to Refund a Stripe Charge.

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