Refund a Stripe charge

Quickly refund a credit card payment that was processed using Stripe. If a client is overcharged or a payment processed by mistake, you can issue a refund to the client's credit card with just a couple of clicks.

1. Getting started

Locate and click the Ledger tab of the client record you would like to issue a refund for.

2. Navigate to the Stripe Charges section of the client ledger

Click the Issue Refund button for the credit card charge that you would like to refund

3. Issue a full refund

Use this option to refund the full amount of the payment. Click Issue Refund to initiate the refund.

3a. Issue a partial refund

Use this option to refund any amount less than the full payment amount.

4. Confirm refund amount

Refunds will be reflected in the associated invoice.

A few important details about Stripe refunds

  • There are no fees to refund a charge, but the fees from the original charge aren't returned.
  • We submit refund requests to your customer’s bank or card issuer.
  • Your customer sees the refund as a credit approximately 5-10 business days later, depending upon the bank
  • Refunds can’t be canceled after they’re issued.
  • Disputes and chargebacks aren't possible on credit card charges that are fully refunded.

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