Adding Custom Forms to the Portal

Adding custom forms to the portal only takes a few seconds.  Once you have your forms created in Settings > Custom Forms, just navigate to a client record and start assigning forms to their portal.

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1. Getting started

Go to a client's profile and locate the Portal Forms tab.

2. Selecting, previewing and adding a form to the client's portal

Use the form selector to choose a form for the client's portal.  Once selected, you can use the preview button to verify that the form is the one you want.  After previewing, use the Add Form to Portal button to assign the form.  


Adding a form to a client's portal will automatically send them a notification. If you are just testing or tinkering, do not assign a form without previewing it first.

3.  Confirmation and client notification

Confirm that you want to add this form to your client's portal.  Your client will receive an email notification that you have assigned them a new form to complete.  

4. Your form has been assigned and placed in the portal

Your form has now been assigned to the client.  They will receive a notification to complete the form at their earliest convenience.  When a form has a status of Assigned, you can delete it from the client's portal if necessary.

Portal Form Status

There are 3 statuses for a portal form.

  1. Assigned: The form has been placed in the client's portal, but the client has not yet begun working on your form. You can only delete an assigned form.
  2. In Progress: Your client has begun working on the form, but has not yet marked it as complete. You can only delete an assigned form.
  3. Complete: The client has officially marked the form as completed and is ready for review. You can view, unlock, and delete an assigned form.

5.  Your client has completed their form(s)

Once your client has completed your form(s), you'll receive an automated system message from your client.  The message will contain the form name so you know which one has been completed.  On the client profile, you'll see the Complete status now assigned to the form. 

(Automated system message after form completion)

(Form status updated to 'Complete')

6. Preview, unlock or delete a completed portal form

Once a client has completed a form, use the action buttons provided to do the following:

  1. Preview the completed form
  2. Unlock the form so your client may fill it out again or complete missing sections
  3. Delete the form from the portal and this list

Client Portal Forms Overview - Video

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