Appointment Scheduling

Appointment scheduling is a major component of TherapyZen.  Our powerful calendar helps manage your appointments with ease.  Here's a quick walk through of the appointment scheduling process.

Setting your default information for new appointments.

Start by taking a few minutes to setup some of your default information for new appointments.  This includes items such as your business hours, your default service type, your cancellation policy and your office locations if you have more than one.  These items can all be found in the Settings area of Therapyzen.

Scheduling appointments.

Use the Calendar area to schedule all of your appointments.  Simply double-click an available timeslot to schedule a client.  You'll see the defaults that you took time to set show up in the New Appointment Form.

(The scheduling calendar)

(The new appointment form)

Setting the status of an appointment

As your appointments take place, you'll want to document that attendance status of each one.  TherapyZen uses four different statuses for appointments; Kept, Cancelled, Late Cancel and No Show.  Each status is recorded and used to determine how to bill the client for the appointment.  Here's a quick description of each status and how it affects billing:

  • Kept:  Mark and appointment as Kept when the client shows up on time and proceeds to particpate in treatment as scheduled.  An appointment marked as Kept will transfer the service fee to the client's ledger for invoicing.  The fee will be stored on the client's ledger as a "Service to be Invoiced".  When ready, create a new invoice and the fee will be automatically placed on the new invoice.
  • Cancelled: Mark an appointment as Cancelled if the client contacted you in a reasonable amount of time before the appointment.  Also use this status if you do not want to charge the client for the appointment.  Marking an appointment as Cancelled will remove the appointment from the calendar completely as well as any associated fees.
  • Late Cancel: Mark an appointment as a Late Cancel if your client contacted you unreasonably late to cancel and you would like to charge a fee.  A Late Cancel will attempt to bill for the full amount of the appointment, however you can edit the fee when you create the invoice for the late cancellation.
  • No Show:  Mark an appointment as a No Show if your client did a 'no call - no show'.  A No Show will bill the client the full amount of the appointment, however you can edit the amount due upon creating the invoice.  

How to set the status of an appointment.

The appointment status can be set in two different places.  The Appointments widget found on the dashboard, or on the client's record.  

(Setting an appointment status on the dashboard)

(Setting an appointment status from a client record)

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