Adding a New Client

Adding a new client record can be done very quickly in TherapyZen with minimal data entry. Fill out your client details yourself or invite your clients to complete their information for you using the free client portal.

1. Getting started

Click Clients in the main navigation menu to go to the clients area.

2. Create your new client record

Click the New Client button at the top of the client page, or you can also click the New Client button next to the client search to display the New Client Form.

3. Basic client information

Complete the New Client Form form to create your new client record.  All fields marked with an asterisk are required.

4. If your client is a minor or under care of a legal guardian.

If your client is legally a minor or under the care of a legal guardian, select the checkbox to enter the guardian's information.  The guardian will be used as the primary contact for the client.  All reminders and system messages will be sent to the guardian.

5. Invite your client to activate their portal account.

Invite your new client to register for the client portal and fill out TherapyZen's provided client intake form. Having your clients complete TherapyZen's intake will greatly reduce the amount of data entry for you or your staff. You'll be notified that your client has completed the intake and their client record will be populated with data for you. 

6. The client portal invite

Below is an example of the email invite your clients will receive to activate their portal account and complete TherapyZen's client intake. Once registered for the client portal, your clients will be able to; complete the intake, schedule appointments, pay invoices (with Stripe payment processing enabled), upload & download documents, and update their personal data.

Adding a New Client

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