Manage Client Contact Info

Editing your client's contact info is simple in TherapyZen.  

Important Detail!

All the information in this form is captured in the client intake. You can save yourself valuable time by letting your clients complete this information during their intake.

1. Getting started

Navigate to the Contact Info tab of your client's profile

2. The contact information tab

There are four sections found in the Contact Info tab:

  • Phone Numbers: Edit your client's contact phone details.  Multiple numbers can be added, however one must be selected as the Primary Number for the client. 

    Important Detail:

    For clients to receive automated appointment reminders, it is required that the Text Messages Allowed & Emails Allowed checkboxes be checked for each primary contact method.

  • Email Addresses

  • Mailing Addresses

  • Emergency Contact: Emergency contacts are also Legal Guardians for minors.  If your client is a minor, the guardian's contact info will be used as the primary contact info for the client.

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