Responding to a Calendar Invite

Fellow staff members may create calendar events and include you to participate. Follow these steps to respond to invites and set your status for participating.

1. Getting Started

Once you have been invited to a calendar event, you will receive a system notification that contains details about the event. Click your notification bell to see the event details.  

2. Open your invite

Go to your calendar and locate the event based on the date provided in the notification. Events that you have been invited to will show up with a red, striped background. Double-click the event to open up the event details form.

3. Set your event status

While viewing the event details form, find your name in the list of attendees and select from the list of available responses.

There are 4 possible responses to an event:

  1. None:  You have not replied yet.
  2. Accepted:  You accept and plan on attending
  3. Tentative: You are not sure you can attend, but will update your status once you have decided
  4. Decline:  You will not be attending.

4. Save your status

Upon clicking save, the event organizer will be able to see your status and know if you plan to participate.  

Good to know:

Here are some helpful insights regarding event invites

  • Accepting an event will add it to your calendar like a normal event.
  • Declining an event will remove it from your calendar.
  • Setting your status to "Tentative" will keep the event on your calendar so you may update your status at a later time.

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