Edit or Undo a Write Off

Once a write-off has been issued, you may need to reverse or edit the write-off amount. Follow the steps below to edit a write-off. 

1. Getting started

Locate and click the Ledger tab of the client record you want to create the write-off for.

2. Navigate to the write-offs section of the client ledger

The 'Write Offs' widget is found at the bottom of the client ledger.

2a. Edit a write-off

Click the 'Edit Write Off' option to make a partial adjustment to the original write-off. It's always a good idea to enter a reason for the adjustment. When your edits are complete, click 'Save'.

2b. Undo a write-off

You may want to complete reverse a write-off. If so, click the 'Undo Write Off' option to remove the write-off entirely. This will reopen the original invoice that was written off and allow you to apply a payment towards it.

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