Adding an Auditor to Your Account

Therapyzen provides auditor roles for allowing 3rd party clinicians, supervisors or auditors access to your account.  Adding an auditor is just like adding any other staff member to your account.  Auditors are free of charge and have limited access and functionality within therapyzen.

1. Getting Started

Navigate to the Staff area of therapyzen to add an auditor to your account.

2. Add a new staff member from your staff list

Click the New Staff Member button to enter your new staff member's details.

3. Enter auditor's details and send invite

Fill out the new staff form completely and select the Auditor role.  Upon saving this form, your auditor will receive an email invitation to activate their therapyzen account and gain access to your practice account.

Auditor Access

Auditors have limited functionality and access within your account.  To see a full list of all staff permissions, navigate to Settings > Permissions.

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