Adding diagnostic codes

Therapyzen provides almost 1000 ICD-10 behavioral health diagnostic codes and descriptions. Use these codes to provide insurance reimbursement statements and other diagnostic documents. If you can't find a particular diagnostic code, you may add as many as you like to our existing list.

1. Getting started

Click Settings in the main navigation menu to get to the CPT/DX Codes area.

2. View all added diagnostic codes

Locate and click the CPT/DX Codes tab in the settings area. When the page loads, click the ICD-10 Diagnostic Codes radio button. Once the page loads, you'll be able to add new diagnostic codes or edit existing ones that you have added in the past.  You can also delete diagnostic codes you don't intend to use.

3. Add a new diagnostic code

To create your own, just click the Add Diagnostic Code button at the top right of the Additional Diagnosis Codes area.

4. Complete your diagnostic code details

Fill out the Code and Description fields for your diagnostic code.  Click Save when done.  This code will now be available for diagnosing and superbills.

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