Set Sliding Scale for a Client

If you offer a sliding scale for your clients, you may need the ability to set custom rates for individual clients.  Setting this rate will override service type rates set for the practice and clinicians to ensure that the client receives their negotiated rate for specified services.   

Important Detail!

If you do not set custom rates for a client, therapyzen will first look to see if the clinician has a custom rate for the service being rendered.  If the clinician does not have a custom rate, the appointment will use the rates set at the practice level.

1. Getting started

Navigate to the Sliding Scale tab of your client's profile

2. Add a new sliding scale rate for the client

Click the New Rate button to display the sliding scale pop up.

Select the service type that you would like to assign a custom rate.  Then set the rate for the service and click Save to exit.

Verify your new sliding scale rate has saved and is displayed.  You may set as many sliding scale rates as you like for a client.

3. Create a new appointment for the client

Once the sliding scale rates are set, any new appointment scheduled will use the custom rate set on the client record.  You can still override the rate at any time before reconciling the client's invoice.

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