Client Records

TherapyZen makes navigating your client records super simple.  All of your client's information is readily available in one place.  The profile is made up of two sections: The profile panel and the tabs area.

Screenshot of the client record

The Profile Panel

The profile panel contains the following widgets:

The profile ID card

The profile id card contains all of the primary contact information of a client. 
You can also toggle the client's status between active and inactive
from here.

The Appointment Status widget

The appointment status widget shows you any current appointment for your 
client.  You can use the calendar filters to navigate to any specific day of the
month.  Use the Check-In button to set the status of the displayed appointment.

The Upcoming Appointments widget

View all of the future appointments for your client.

The Groups/Couples widget

This widget displays the names of any group records that this client belongs to. 
Simply click the group name to quickly navigate to the group record.  

The Linked Clients widget

This widget shows the names of any clients that are linked to your client.  You
can manually link clients using the hyperlink at the bottom of the wiget, or if 
your client belongs to any group records, those group members will
automatically be placed here in the linked clients widget.  Just click a name
inside this widget to quickly navigate to the client record.

Emergency Contact widget

View the emergency contact for your client.  If your client is a minor, this widget
will display the contact information of the designated legal guardian or parent.

Billing Information widget

This widget provides you a quick snapshot of any outstanding fees if applicable. 
You will also see any and all listed credit cards stored for this client.  You can add
or delete credit cards using this widget.

Third Party Payers

If your practice has third party agencies or entities paying for select clients, use
this widget to designate which payers you would like to associate with this client.
When you go to pay an invoice, you can select the payer's fund to pay the

Client Portal widget

This widget will let you know if your client has registered and activated their
portal account.  If they have not, a link will appear to 'Resend Client Portal Invite".

Intake Complete

If the client has completed their client intake in the portal, this widget will display
that information here.  If the intake has been completed, a link will appear
allowing you to view and print the client's completed intake.

The Profile Tabs Area

The profile tabs are where all of your client data is stored.  Navigate through these tabs to build your client records.

The Office Notes tab

The office notes tab is for administrative notes only.  Do not use this tab for clinical notes.

The Notes tab

Use this tab to enter your session notes, treatment plans or custom notes.  This is where all of your clinical notes will live.

The Ledger

The ledger is where all of your client's invoicing and billing resides.  Use this tab to create invoices, accept payments, create write offs and credits.

The Client Info tab (* Included in the client intake)

The client info tab contains all of your client's basic information.  

The Contact Info tab (* Included in the client intake)

All of your client's contact information is stored here.  Multiple contact methods can be stored here however only one phone, email and mailing address can be marked as their 'primary'.  The primary contact methods are used in for all communications.  A client record can also be set to not allow any correspondence from TherapyZen.  

The Family Info tab (* Included in the client intake)

This tab stores any relationship and family information for your client. 

The Medical History tab. (* Included in the client intake)

This tab contains all of your client's medical background.  This includes primary physician, medical conditions, medications and physiological symptoms.

The Attachments tab

Store digital documents on your client record.  You can also share these documents with your clients using the free client portal.

The Clinicians tab

Share your client's record with fellow clinicians within your practice.  There is always a primary clinician, however you can grant access to other clinicians.

The Appointment History tab

Track all of your client's appointments.  See the date, service performed, fee amount and appointment status.

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