Upcoming Events

The scheduling calendar in Therapyzen is not just for therapy appointments. Use the calendar to schedule other types of events such as; workshops, meetings and anything else you need to keep track of. Scheduling an event is just like scheduling an appointment.

1. Scheduling an event

Go to the TherapyZen calendar and select a date and time for your event. Double click the calendar slot to display the new appointment/event form.

2. Complete the event details form

Use the form provided to enter all of your event details.  Here is a list of options for setting up your event:

  1. Set your begin and end date/time
  2. Enter the title of your new event
  3. Verify that the timezone is correctly set to the timezone where the event will be taking place. (Typically this will be the timezone you are in.)
  4. If this is an All Day Event, check this option to enter the start and end day.  This is the option you would use for scheduling a multi-day vacation.
  5. Add some notes to your event to provide more detailed information 
  6. Invite fellow staff members to your event.  Fellow staffers will have the opportunity to accept or deny your request.
  7. Set the event to repeat and set parameters on how and when the event should repeat.

3. Save your event

Click ' Save' to create your event and you'll see your event appear on the scheduling calendar. Double-click the event to display the edit form for making changes. Saved events will remain on the calendar as well as the Events area of your dashboard.

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